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Dear Mr. Buchanan,

My son, Ray Romesburg, still talks about you being his favorite teacher, EVER, to this day. He graduated in 2008. I really appreciate everything you did for him, especially building his confidence. You don't know that that impacted him in so many positive ways! I know it's hard to remember all of your students, but just know you made a great influence on my son and I will be forever grateful. This is my first year for SPS as an occupational therapist and I'm so grateful that I could contact you. I'm sorry it took 8 years.
With best regards,
Ray's mom

Annette M. Romesburg, ME.D, OTR/L

“Hey Mr. Syder it's David from welding. Hope you've got some good welding students ……….I'm doing well at the shipyard the experience that I had (from your class) put me months ahead of some of the welders in the weld school. It's very similar to how things worked in your class - practice all positions with 7018 then move to 11018. I need to get 11018 horizontal vertical and overhead tests complete to move on to the school of steel. I already did vertical and now I'm working on overhead I'm having a hard time but getting better each day. …………I really appreciate everything you did for me in the welding class I definitely realize that I wouldn't be where I am today without your help.”

- David Hetrick – 2015 NEWTECH Alumnus - Welding Technology
Employed at the Puget Sound Shipyards


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