Collision Repair

If you enjoy working on cars, and like the satisfaction of making a vehicle look new again, this program may be for you. When the dust from a car accident settles, and the matter of the car's repair is taken into consideration, this is when Collision Repair comes into play.

While learning how to repair today's high-tech vehicles, you will gain the skills required to work in the automotive industry. Learn to:

  • Do damage analysis
  • Make repair or replace decision
  • Repair metal
  • Automotive welding
  • Apply primer and paint
  • Color matching and blending

Some skills you will learn:

  • Safety
  • Metal straightening
  • Using body fillers
  • Welding and cutting
  • Surface preparation
  • Spray gun & related equipment
  • Color application 
  • Estimating
  • Plastics repair
  • Color matching 

Who do I talk to with questions?

Instructor: Don Belcher, 509-354-7430