Computer Game Programming & Web Development

Interested in pursuing a career in the world of programming/development or a computer related field? This is the course designed just for you!

Students learn foundational programming and project management skills through the creation of computer games geared toward the digital interactive entertainment industry. During the first semester, students will create several digital video games. Each game the student creates, becomes increasingly challenging using beginning, intermediate, and advanced programming techniques. Second semester, students develop higher level games by incorporating advanced techniques such as physics and artificial intelligence to their projects. The game industry currently is over a 74 billion dollar industry and still growing! (Game industry growth is projected to be 115 billion dollar industry by the year 2015) Get your head start into this exciting career while attending NewTech Skill Center.   What will I learn in this program? Students learn programming languages such as:

  • JavaScript
  • Adobe ActionScript 3.0 (OOP Foundational Principles)
  • PHP and
  • Python
  • Microsoft XNA Game Studio

        Students also learn and can get certified with software applications and environments such as:

  • Adobe Design Studio CS4 (Certification available)
  • Microsoft Expression Web Suite 2010 (MTA Certification available)
  • Microsoft Project 2010 (MOS Certification available)
  • Visual (MTA Certification available)
  • MS Office 2010 (MOS Certification available)
  • Unity
  • Blender
*note: As a Microsoft IT Academy we offer industry certification opportunities as Microsoft Technology Associates (MTAs) or as Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS) to all students at the NewTech Skill Center.
Students also learn about the Game/Web Development Process
  • Project Development Life Cycle
  • Creating Interactivity
  • Creating Entertainment/Fun
  • 3D Modeling/Character Development/Animation
  • Project Logic/Flowcharting
  • Level Design
  • Storyboarding

Students will create several websites ranging from an online commerce store to a personal digital portfolio, with each site becoming more and more challenging. Who do I contact for more information? Instructor: Matt Buchanan email: or use 509-354-7417 (office) 509-389-4643 (Cell)