Credit Retrieval

Contract Based Education at a Glance

General CBE Structure:

Contract Based Education (CBE) courses are available to any student who attends NEWTECH Skill Center and needs credit recovery, a program that removes a barrier to attending NEWTECH, and/or the ability to work ahead toward graduation. Student participation in the NEWTECH CBE program always requires the permission and input of the student’s sending high school counselor before a course is offered. CBE courses are delivered via a hard-copy, textbook based system, USB drive with course specific .pdf files, and/or– in the case of math–via the online MathXL Program. The following is a list of courses currently offered through the CBE program at NEWTECH and the Highly Qualified teacher for each subject area:

History (Social Studies): HQ-Suzie Gretch

World History A                            World History B

CWA                                                  Civics

US History A                                   US History B

Washington State History


Physical Education (PE): HQ-Matt Bellmer

Fitness and Food 1                      Fitness and Food 2


English: HQ-Matt Bellmer

English 9 A                                       English 9 B

English 10 A                                    English 10 B

English 11 A                                    English 11 B

English 12 A                                    English 12 B


Math (MathXL): HQ-Sarah Doumit

Pre-Algebra A                                Pre-Algebra B

Algebra 1 A                                     Algebra 1 B

Geometry A                                   Geometry B

Algebra 2 A                                     Algebra 2 B


Fine Arts: HQ-Terri Haworth

Photography 1                              Photography 2




CBE Curriculum is district approved and meets minimum graduation requirements. Individual course completion is dictated by student work submitted to the CBE instructor unless otherwise stated. Students are given texts and assignments to be completed at a pace agreed upon at the outset of the course. In the case of math courses, the online program MathXL handles all texts and assignments through Blackboard. Students may only work on two courses at any given point, but may immediately begin the next upon completing a previous course.

Funding for CBE:

Students who attend Skill Center programs in the state of Washington generate up to 1.6 FTE funding. Sending school districts collect .6 FTE for the half day of instruction they provide the Skill Center student, while NEWTECH collects .6 FTE. The remaining .4 FTE may still be accessed, which is why CBE courses at NEWTECH may be offered at no cost to the student and/or the sending high school. NEWTECH students from outside District 81 who are interested in taking a CBE course will be provided with a “Request for Academic Support” form that will need to be signed by the counselor or principal of the sending high school prior to starting the course. NEWTECH students may take up to two classes through CBE at a time at .2 FTE apiece.

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings between the instructor and student occur once per week for approximately 20% of the student’s time, or about one hour per week. Additional visits may be scheduled at any point. Generally, the instructor meets with all CBE students within a given program in the same session. Some programs’ schedules may dictate the day/time of CBE meetings.


Grades are issued on a Pass / No Credit basis. As the student completes a course, the Highly Qualified teacher reviews and signs the Weekly Goals sheet and the Subject Progress Report card as confirmation.


All CBE students are reported in a P223 spreadsheet that indicates the student number, sending high school, name, grade counselor, program, CBE course, date enrolled, status, and progress/date of completion. This report is generated and submitted to the data processor for use in claiming FTE for each month. Upon completing a credit through CBE, a Subject Progress Report is filled out and sent to the data processor. This report will then be returned to the student’s file. The data processor will notify the sending high school counselor and update Historical Grades in PowerSchool for an in-district student, or notify the sending high school counselor for an out-of-district student. Additionally, all students participating in CBE Civics must complete a CBA assignment. Report the total number of students per grade level who attempt the CBA as per the instructions on the Civics CBA Reporting Form.

Necessary Documents:

All student files should contain the following with appropriate dates, signatures, and comments:

  • Course syllabus per CBE course attempted
  • CBE calendar/contact log
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Intervention Document (If needed)
  • Written Student Learning Plan
  • Weekly Goals/Contact per CBE course attempted
  • Request for Academic Support (if out-of-district)
  • Statement of Understanding
  • Subject Progress Report per CBE course completed 

    Resources for Current Students:

    PE Resources

    Photography Resources