Culinary Arts & Hospitality

This class focuses primarily on Culinary Arts and Restaurant Operations/Management and students get to experience what it’s like working in a professional kitchen, our student-run coffee shop, bistro, and also catering for private special events. This fast-paced environment allows students to learn all the basic skills needed to work in a restaurant or continue their education at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy.

The Hospitality and Tourism career cluster encompasses jobs not only in food and beverage, but also in event planning, management, hotels , travel and more! While we do a lot of restaurant education, our program is also designed to give you a “taste” of the other career paths in this industry with the hope that each student is able to find an area of interest that works for their goals. Culinary, hospitality, and customer service skills are things that can take you anywhere in life with elements that apply to a variety of job settings. No matter what you decide to do to become successful, we hope you take what you have learned in our class and are able to apply it wherever your life’s journey will take you.

For more information about the class, catering, or NEWTECH Bistro, please call us at 509.354.7419 or check our website: