NEWTECH Skill Center Student Drivers

Most of our sending school districts provide bus transportation to/from NEWTECH.  Departure/arrival times for busses can be obtained from your home high school/district.   Students that elect to drive themselves to/from NEWTECH need to obtain permission from their home high school.  Students that obtain permission to drive may not take other students to/from NEWTECH in their vehicle. There are a limited number of parking spaces available for student parking on our campus. Students may only park in marked parking spaces.  Students are encouraged to back into the parking spaces on campus to minimize the chance of getting into a ‘fender bender’ with another vehicle.  Students that drive themselves to/from NEWTECH are expected to stay for the entire session they are enrolled in (AM = 8:10 – 10:40 AM     PM=11:25 AM – 1:55 PM).  Please click on the link below to access the Student Driver Permission Form.  Please note; your home high school/district may not allow students to drive themselves to/from NEWTECH.

Per Spokane Public School’s Policy/Procedure No. 6625, Spokane Public School students may not drive themselves to/from their home high school and the NEWTECH Skill center.  Spokane Public Schools provides bus transportation for these students.